Circling the Waves

(March 15, 2017) I just returned from Boulder, Colorado for the premiere of a new work commissioned by my dear friend and amazing violinist, Michiko Theurer at the Dairy Art Center. It was a reunion of fellow composers from the 2015 summer Aspen Music Festival and School. Along with myself, Michi asked composers Katherine Balch, Phillip Sink, Michael Small, Phil Taylor, and Melody Eotvos to compose works in response to a series of Michiko’s own paintings. These wonderful works were themselves in response to and evocative of Virginia Woolf’s novel, The Wave.   Michi performed our short pieces with her paintings projected behind her.

Circling the waves

I am so grateful to Michiko for the commission, and for this chance to create music with my great friends from Aspen.

Charlotte, Valdeblore and Milna…

Last summer (2016), I was fortunate to be able to attend three different music festivals: the Charlotte New Music Festival (May 30 – June 18), the Zodiac Music Festival and Academy in Valdeblore, France (July 1 – 14), and the Upbeat/Uzmah Music Festival in Milna, Croatia (July 18 – 31.) At the CNMF, the brilliant Iktus Percussion Ensemble premiered my piece, “Night Sky.”